Branded Photos

Add logos, graphics, and messaging to guests photos. Choose from one of our existing templates or provide your own.


GIF and Videos

Easily shareable 5-frame GIF animations and 15-second video loops. Add subtle and surprising movement to single frame photos with Cinemagraphs.

Green Screen

Green Screen

Let guests immerse themselves in your brand experience by taking photos against a green screen and digitally customizing the background.


Access to Extensive Analytics Data

Measure the impact of consumer participation by tracking the amount of content shared, data captured, and the number of impressions, likes, and comments generated by each sharing action.

Actionable Analytics

Social Media Analytics

Tagkast provides sophisticated audience and digital engagement metrics, allowing you to track interaction with the brand content shared through our app.

Real-Time Operator Management

Hour by Hour Metrics Reports

Data-driven decision making is more important than ever. The Admin Portal tracks both event and Tagkast operator performance and allows you to remote monitor in real-time.

Campaign and Account Tracking

Campaign and Account Tracking

Get a detailed look at single events as well as a more comprehensive view of multiple compaigns, allowing you to optimize your ROI in multiple ways.

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