Capture branded content and inspire organic sharing directly from your event

We know live events have an unparalleled ability to engage consumers through shared experiences and real-time, relevant content. Tagkast’s platform defies the constraints of physical event barriers – allowing sponsors to connect larger audiences with branded, event-based content.

Learn how you can grow targeted brand awareness and develop a stronger community of loyal customers and advocates through photo marketing.

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Reach and engage like never before

Tagkast maximizes the social reach of sponsored events using branded photos. We've pioneered a patented, mobile solution using communal tagging that increases native, brand reach by 7-10x.

Up to 95% of event guests engage with the portable platform and on average 65% will share branded content to their personal social networks. The content that is shared – branded photos, videos, links – generates millions of additional brand impressions in an authentic, native way.

Why Tagkast Works

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Discover companies like yours who have found success with Tagkast's platform

Learn how other event marketing and sponsorship leaders have used Tagkast to engage with event guests, capture leads, spread brand content on social media, and achieve their overall business objectives.

Our platform is trusted by many of the world’s leading event marketing brands like Subaru, Red Bull, Clear Channel, Groupon, and MINI.

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