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Tagkast integrates advertising within photos shared by consumers at live events.

Tagkast Brand Ambassador

Patented Photo Engagement

Professional photos are taken at live events using our technology.

Connect your consumer photos to different social networks.

Instant Social Media Retrieval

Guests log-in to their social media account to tag and post branded photos.

See your photos online and on mobile devices.

Tagkast Viral Advertising

Each photo reaches hundreds of the posting users' friends.

Reach 20X More Consumers Than Any Other Event Photo Sharing Platform


Real-Time Event Amplification Made Easy With Tagkast Branded Photo Sharing


Watch our team in action

Consumers love Tagkast photo sharing.
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We're trusted by awesome brands

Core Power McDonald's Groupon Subaru American Diabetes Association

Dr. Pepper BMW Russian Standard Vodka Jaguar USA Paramount Pictures
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Branded moments shared through Tagkast

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