Capture branded content and inspire organic sharing directly from your event

Live events have an unparalleled ability to engage consumers. Tagkast’s platform defies the constraints of physical event barriers – allowing you to connect larger audiences with branded, event-based content.

Learn how you can grow targeted awareness and develop a stronger community of loyal advocates through branded content sharing.

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Increase brand reach like never before

Tagkast maximizes the social reach of sponsored events using branded photos. We've pioneered a patented, mobile solution using communal tagging that increases native, brand reach by 10x.

Up to 95% of event guests engage with the portable platform and on average 65% will share branded content to their personal social networks. The content that is shared – branded photos, videos, links – generates millions of additional brand impressions in an authentic, native way.

Why Tagkast Works

We couldn't have said it better ourselves

Why branded content sharing will be vital to your marketing success in 2015

The marketing industry is changing and many brands have been unable to successfully grab their consumer's attention in this new landscape.

At Tagkast, this is exactly what we help companies do. Our platform gives consumers the opportunity to organically share their support and love of a brand while actually being hands-on with the brand itself at live events.

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