Increase measurability and lower the risks typically associated with live event marketing and sponsorship initiatives with sophisticated, real-time business insights.



Actionable Analytics

Tagkast provides sophisticated audience and digital engagement metrics, allowing you to track interaction with the brand content shared through our app.


Real-Time Operator Management

Data-driven decision making is more important than ever. The Admin Portal tracks both event and Tagkast operator performance and allows you to remote monitor in


Campaign and Account Tracking

Get a detailed look at single events as well as a more comprehensive view of multiple compaigns, allowing you to optimize your ROI in multiple ways.


Tagkast has integrated lead generation capabilities into the social activation interface to help you fuel your sales pipeline with high quality leads.


Email Collection

Opt-in email capture to gather data during the retrieval process


Handraiser Leads

Embedded directly into the sharing process or stand alone

CRM Integration

The information captured can be easily downloaded from the portal and synced into your CRM.


Gather Page Likes and Followers

You can collect Facebook Page likes and Twitter followers directly from your events to further grow the size of your online communities.


Our Low Internet capabilities ensure successful digital integration at even the most crowded and remote events.


Low Internet and Offline Mode

To increase real-time share rates, our technology is designed to work in the challenging Internet environments found at many events.


In addition to branded photos, events guests can also share articles, links to e-commerce or donation sites, and online videos on social media with just one click.



You can generate more leads while continuing to amplify your reach with on-site and socially connected incentive-based activations.


Social Display

Display a social stream of content prominently at your event with our social display capabilities

BrandedOverlays-4b6fcbd4ff6cef4ebc90f795e3bb5ad90a77ebcb626816ce1cb7e68063375df9 (1).png

Branded Overlays

Custom branded event photos are shared by consumers to their social media accounts
on-site, allowing you to pass brand messages person-to-person in an authentic, scalable way.


Mobile Platform

Tablet platform successfully reaches more attendees resulting in higher interaction and engagement rates than if a stationary exhibit was employed.


Native Social Placement

Your shared content is designed for optimal display on high-resolution mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, resulting in higher interaction and click rates.


Direct Photo Album Streaming

Integrate Tagkast into your owned social media platforms by streaming photos to your brand's Facebook album and Twitter Accounts.


Open Graph Integration

Communal tagging reduces the time and effort it takes to capture event attendee data and share content, improving engagement, distribution, and growth by 2-3x.