Everything You Need to Know


1. What is Tagkast?

Tagkast is a fast growing marketing software company that has designed a system to generate word-of-mouth recommendations and drive sales from event marketing programs – it’s a simple mobile tool that promotes branded content sharing and viral behavior amongst your consumers. Tagkast transforms your face-to-face interactions at live events into viral, word-of-mouth recommendations via branded event photos that consumers share with their social networks.

2. Am I a good fit to be a Tagkast customer?

Tagkast has worked with many of the world’s leading event marketing and sponsorship brands such as Subaru, IBM, Pandora Internet Radio, CareerBuilder, Nestle, and MINI. If you are a sponsorship, brand or event marketer looking to grow social brand awareness, connect your event with social media and/or cultivate word-of-mouth endorsements online, Tagkast should not be left out of your marketing toolkit.

While we currently focus on North American event activations, our software has been used across the global for events in South America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The Tagkast platform is fully customizable so event size, type and duration can vary significantly. Tagkast’s event operations specialists are available to assist our clients in creating unique plans to ensure that each activation is optimized to reach our clients defined goals.

3. Why focus on consumers sharing photos?

Photos have proven to be one of the most effective ways to communicate with friends and family. The trend is so pervasive that social channels are consistently modifying their platform’s algorithms to highlight visual content – which currently receives up to 94 percent more engagement on social media platforms than text. Unlike written forms of advertising, photos allows us to tell stories that are both personal and sharable. And live events deliver those personal experiences that are worth sharing through photos.

And while lots of individuals take photos from their own phone while at events, your branding isn’t a part of those photos. Tagkast gives you the opportunity to turn that consumer behavior into a marketing channel for your business. We combine branded photos with live events because the blend of WOMM’s trust and social media’s reach has proven highly successful – with our software, marketers capitalize on these current trends to greatly increase their social reach, generate word-of-mouth recommendations and drive sales from event marketing programs.

4. How is Tagkast different from other photo activation options?

Unlike most photo marketing options available, Tagkast was the first fully mobile, branded photo sharing solution – providing event sponsors the ability to efficiently interact with more consumers on-site. In addition, the software is seamlessly integrated with multiple social platforms facilitating real-time consumer social sharing. We were also first to market with our patented “Tag your Friend” feature, which accelerates the sharing process for groups and further helps messages go viral. Lastly, since consumers, rather than brands themselves share the content, the branded photos reach larger social audiences and become word-of-mouth brand recommendations.

Three of five marketers use no tools to measure event ROI. With traditional promotions and event giveaways – print ads, signage, related paraphernalia, or product samples –it’s difficult to directly measure the impact of your spend. Tagkast’s event marketing technology defies these typical pain points by providing cost-reduction and increased revenue opportunities in a very measurable way.

5. How is this different from an event photographer?

We would suggest keeping your regular photographer if you already have one. Our solution is focused on taking people pictures only. Those photographers are often focused on capturing the ambiance or artsier photos. Our focus is on social sharing and crowd engagement. We would suggest keeping your photographer for that purpose and letting us focus on what we do best.


6. How does the social integration and photo sharing work? What social platforms do you integrate with?

We’ve invested millions into the Tagkast branded photo sharing platform, have patented many key components and have an engineering team dedicated to improving it every day. That means our clients don’t just get the best we have now, but you also get all of our future updates.

Currently the app is integrated seamlessly with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – a top-of-the line social integration that results in 2-3x improvement over most event technology vendors. It takes less than a minute for an event attendee to log-in and post their branded photo. And with the patented “Tag your Friend” feature, an average of 2-3 people are tagged in the photo reducing the time per person to 20-30 seconds.

7. What securities are put in place to protect consumer privacy as they login? How do you ensure that you comply with privacy and regulatory compliance conditions within my industry?

As a company that specializes in branded photo marketing and social sharing, it is important for us to continue to improve our app to adhere to industry best practices and security compliances. When consumers log in with our app, we want them to feel safe and comfortable while doing so.

We comply with all legal regulations, are ISO compliant and have world-class data retention and security controls. Consumers agree to customizable terms and conditions as they go through the sharing process. Most recently, we improved our social integration to comply with the new Facebook Graph API 2.2 – giving event attendees even more control over how their information is shared.

8. How does Tagkast work in low or choppy Internet environments?

One of the biggest advantages of Tagkast is our low Internet sharing solution. At live events, the Internet connection can be very hit or miss. Our technology is designed to perform regardless of Internet availability. Ensuring real-time content sharing by consumers while they are on-site improves social share rates, digital engagement and, thus, your overall brand reach.

9. What analytics are available?

Tagkast tracks all consumer engagement and captures complex social insights on the content shared though the app – photos, links, videos – with our custom admin portal and Facebook API.

The portal allows our clients to see impressions, shares, click, likes, comments, emails captured, link clicks and more, while also housing all the branded photos shared by consumers in one place. This data capture happens in real-time – the portal monitors Tagkast operator and full event performance while the activation is actually occurring. This goes a step further than just data capture to deliver optimization opportunities during the event.


10. Tell me about the setup (software and the hardware that comes with it)?

Our downloadable app-based software runs on Android Tablets (iOS coming soon) that are each operated by a brand ambassador at a live event. Standard setup comes with a tablet that simply attaches to a 100% portable monopod with an LED flash.

The brand ambassador takes a photo using the tablet. Our software automatically puts a branded photo frame or watermark on the photo and then, guests can share it to their own social media accounts directly through the app.

While Tagkast results are the highest in a roaming environment, Tablets can also be attached to tripods and set up in front of step-and-repeats or green screens. The software is also compatible with DSLR cameras if that is preferred above than the tablet camera.

11. What is the difference between self-service and turnkey solutions? How much do they cost?

The Tagkast platform is fully customizable – including both the pricing and activation plans available to maximize your brand reach at an efficient spend level.

The main difference between self-service and turnkey solutions are the amount of assistance provided by the Tagkast event operations teams leading up to and during the event activation. With self-service activations, Tagkast will train and get your team up to speed on the platform so that you can manage your own activations. Turnkey is a more start-to-finish, integrated professional service with Tagkast’s activation managers engaged every step of the way.

Both programs are built on a pay-per-performance model. There are no hidden set-up fees – our clients are only charged for what they use – and Tagkast provides significant volume-based discounts. Self-service bills on the number of your engagements (shares) and turnkey charges by activation hours. Learn more details about what features and services can be included in our platform.